10 future web trends

September 28, 2007

My RSS newsreader is full of more great “top something” reads.

Richard MacManus at Read/WriteWeb recently highlighted 10 future web trends.

10 Web trends to look out for over the next 10 years include:

  1. semantic web
  2. artificial intelligence
  3. virtual worlds
  4. mobile web
  5. attention economy
  6. web sites as web services
  7. online video / internet tv
  8. rich internet apps
  9. international web
  10. personalization

If the list isn’t futuristic enough for you, Richard has added 10 more future web trends submitted by his readers:

  1. Integration into everyday devices
  2. Hyperlocal
  3. Data retrievel/manipulation agents
  4. Read/Write/Request Web (a.k.a. a “living machine agent”)
  5. User-controlled, open Internet Identity
  6. New forms of Internet Interaction
  7. Extended Reality
  8. Expert Systems
  9. Personalized Medicine
  10. Blog reading automatically input into our brain

You’ll have to read the full article to appreciate #10 :-)

Another top list making the rounds of the web. This one is from ABC News:

Ten technologies that will change the world

1. Wii
2. iPhone
3. The New Space Race: Private Tourism
4. OLPC: Public vs. Private Technology
5. Vizio (Plasma TV)
6. HD Movies on your computer
7. Mobile Cell Phone Payments
8. Google Apps
9. Rough and Tumble Gadgets
10. Better Solar Power


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