do you iGoogle?

May 15, 2007

I’ve been playing around with iGoogle lately.   iGoogle is Google’s personalized homepage. The i = you! iGoogle requires a you to create a Google account.

iGoogle offers ‘gadgets’.  You can create your own gadgets or use existing gadgets from their search directory.   There are hundreds of gadgets you can add to your tabbed personal pages including Facebook,, YouTube, news services, weather, calendars, video search sites, photos, maps, games … just to name a few.

Gadgets you can create include: Framed Photo, Personal List (i.e. Top 10), and Daily Me — “What are you doing? What’s on your mind? Share your day’s quotes, links, and ideas with everyone in your life.”

 Check out my Daily Me.

I created an RSS tab with the following gadgets: access to my Facebook account, automatic login to my RSS readers (Google Reader and Bloglines), and my bookmarks.

My video page includes access to my YouTube account, Google Video search and Flickr photos.

To learn more about iGoogle, check out the Official Google Blog.


One Response to “do you iGoogle?”

  1. kelseyw Says:

    I am all over igoogle. I just changed my background theme to cityscape. I love that the scene changes though out the day. I know if it goes to night light then I’ve been at the office too long!

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