del.icio.us libraries – September 27, 2008

June 4, 2007

This post is continually updated.

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I’ve been spending a fair bit amount of time going through my favourite websites and bookmarking them in del.icio.us.So why do I love del.icio.us so much?
A number of reasons:

  • I can store and access my favourite websites from any computer;
  • I can share my websites and comments with friends and those who belong to my del.icio.us network;
  • I can discover new websites by browsing other user’s tags (great for research!);
  • I can take advantage of the daily blog posting tool to automatically add new websites to my blog;
  • the ability to display link rolls (my latest bookmarks) and tag clouds to my website;
  • I can syndicate my links via RSS.

Lately I’ve been giving some thought to how libraries use del.icio.us.

So how can you make your library del.icio.us?

Take a look at “Make Your Library del.icio.us: Social Bookmarking in the Stacks” presented on February 22, 2007, by Jason Griffey from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, as part of the “Five Weeks to a Social Library” series of online workshops.

Libraries using del.icio.us

Some great examples of libraries using del.icio.us include:

The ALA Government Documents Roundtable (GODORT) wiki provides a useful list of links to librarians using delicious to collect government documents.

Alameda County Public Library : bookmarks on del.icio.us

Assumption College for Sisters Library : bookmarks on del.icio.us

ArLiSNAP : Art Library Students & New ARLIS* Professionals
Take a look at how they have implemented del.icio.us on their website. A great example of a del.icio.us tag cloud appears on their “Resources” page.

Beaufort County Library : bclrefdesk’s bookmarks on del.icio.us

Bibliothèques de Brest (Brest City Libraries) : Bibliothèques municipales de Brest’s bookmarks on del.icio.us

Bibliothèques de l’Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris-IV) : del.icio.us page (in French but a pleasure to explore!)

Brimbank Libraries in Australia incorporates all their delicious links in a tag cloud on their newly designed website.  Clicking on a topic in the tag cloud displays the links and tags directly on the Brimbank Libraries website.  Nicely done!

Buley Library uses the Delicious tag roll for their Physics Subject Guides

Chelmsford Public Library’s del.icio.us page and Subject Guides page is integrated on their website.

Columbus Public Library : bookmarks on del.icio.us

CSU-Pueblo Library : bookmarks on del.icio.us

Cubberley Education Library del.icio.us cloud in blog and bookmarks on del.icio.us

Dublin City Public Libraries : bookmarks on del.icio.us

East Providence Public Library : bookmarks on del.icio.us

Enoch Pratt Free Library, Business, Science and Technology Department : bookmarks on del.icio.us

Greenfield Public Library : greenfieldlibrary’s Bookmarks on Delicious

Hardin Library for Health Sciences : hardin_md’s bookmarks on del.icio.us and hardin_md_etc bookmarks on del.icio.us

Holdrege Public Library makes good use of delicious tag clouds on their “Links we Love“, Kid’s Zone and TeenSpace. Each page has a separate del.icio.us account:
Holdrege Public Library : bookmarks on del.icio.us
HoldregeLibraryKids’ : bookmarks on del.icio.us
HoldregeLibraryTeens’ : bookmarks on del.icio.us

Hubbell Library : hubbelllibrary’s bookmarks on del.icio.us
Hubbell Library maintains a parallel list of government, community and library-related websites on both their website and on Delicious.

Kansas Reads to Preschoolers : bookmarks on del.icio.us

Lane Community Collegelanelibrary bookmarks on delicious

Lansing Public Library : bookmarks on del.icio.us

La Grange Park Library : bookmarks on del.icio.us

Laurence McKinley, Gould Library images collection : bookmarks on del.icio.us

Maui Community College Library :bookmarks on del.icio.us

McMaster University Library Web Team : bookmarks on del.icio.us

Missouri River Regional Library’s Reference Links Database : bookmarks on del.icio.us

Menasha Public Library : bookmarks on del.icio.us

MIT Libraries is using del.icio.us for their Virtual Reference page. You can view the tag cloud or see their links in del.icio.us.

A great example of a library using the del.icio.us tag cloud for their Teen page is Nashville Public Library.

Natural Resources Canada Library: English bookmarks on del.icio.us and French bookmarks on del.icio.us

Nebraska Library Commission : NLC_Reference’s bookmarks on del.icio.us

The New York State – 2008 Summer Reading Program uses delicious for linking to other summer reading program web sites, programming ideas, games and more. Their delicious links are nicely integrated on the program page using Feed2JS.

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Library : nwtclibrary’s bookmarks on del.icio.us

North Metro Technical College Library : “Resources Related to Your Program of Studies” bookmarks on del.icio.us

OCLC list of the top 1000 titles : bookmarks on del.icio.us

Pierce County Library : bookmarks on del.icio.us

Purdue University, Hicks Undergraduate Library : bookmarks on del.icio.us

San Mateo Public Library bookmarks on del.icio.us (a great example of websites organized using the Dewey Decimal Classification System!)

Seldovia Library : bookmarks on del.icio.us

Seminole County Public Library : bookmarks on del.icio.us

Seund Library : UND SE Clinical Campus Librarian : seundlibrary’s bookmarks on del.icio.us

Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources has made great use of the del.icio.us tag cloud on their Green Library bookmarks on del.icio.us .

Springfield Technical Community College Library : bookmarks on del.icio.us

Stony Brook University, Health Sciences Library : bookmarks on del.icio.us

Tampa Bay Library Consortium : TampaBayLC bookmarks on del.icio.us

Thunder Bay Public Library’s del.icio.us list, tag cloud, and bookmarks on del.icio.us .

Thomas Ford Memorial Library
Website links are syndicated on their “our recent bookmarks” page.

The Library at UCD Dublin has done an amazing job of integrating delicious bookmarks into their Subject Portals Index.

Umpqua Community College Library (Roseburg, OR) : bookmarks on del.icio.us

University of Alberta Libraries : Winspearslib bookmarks on del.icio.us

University of Georgia Library, Cataloging Department cataloging resources

University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries : bookmarks on del.icio.us

University of Michigan Dentistry Library : bookmarks on del.icio.us

University of Michigan Health Sciences Libraries : bookmarks on del.icio.us

University of Michigan Library 2.0 Program : bookmarks on del.icio.us

University Library, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater : bookmarks on del.icio.us

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Lupton Library has a list of “interesting websites” selected by Jason Griffey, UTC’s Head of Library Information Technology.  utc_interesting bookmarks on del.icio.us

USF Lakeland Library Services

Washington State Library Public Services Team : research and genealogy links

Widener Law School Library : bookmarks on del.icio.us

Witkin State Law Library of California : bookmarks on del.icio.us

ZEW : Centre for European Economic Research : ZEW_Bibliothek’s Bookmarks on Delicious
The library of the ZEW : Centre for European Economic Research in Germany, uses del.icio.us to collect links to databases, tutorials on literature search, research organizations, and links related to economic research in Europe.


Here’s a round-up of del.icio.us tools and resources.

Two good blog post on del.icio.us implementation from Social Networking Strategies for Libraries:

From the Ning Library 2.0 Network:

Library Subject Guides using del.icio.us

Social Bookmarking 101 : focus on del.icio.us, presentation by Stephanie Zimmerman, Training Coordinator, Library System of Lancaster County.

55 Responses to “del.icio.us libraries – September 27, 2008”

  1. npalex Says:

    Nashville Public Library

    We’re trying this out, too.

  2. angelacw Says:

    Thanks Kyle. It’s a great example of a del.icio.us tag cloud! Nice website.

  3. John Says:

    We have a del.icio.us page too


  4. […] linklists and the indexing of internet resources. Libraries who are doing this you will find at the mélange blog. Tags:en, Literaturverwaltung, Bibliothek 2.0, […]

  5. […] linklists and the indexing of internet resources. Libraries who are doing this you will find at the mélange blog. Tags:en, Literaturverwaltung, Bibliothek 2.0, […]

  6. Minerva Says:

    Umpqua Community College Library in Roseburg, OR also has a del.icio.us account, which is featured on the library’s website:

  7. […] mélange. Sammlung von libraries, die mit del.icio.us arbeiten plus Anleitungen, wie del.icio.us, Bloggs und […]

  8. […] https://angelacw.wordpress.com/2007/06/04/delicious-libraries/  I thought that the  San Mateo Library did a great job of organizing by Dewey Decimal numbers. This would seem like potentially a very good way for a library to make use of de.icio.us as a reference tool. […]

  9. […] bibliotecas que usan Delicious en Delicious indeed y en Del.icio.us libraries Etiquetado como:biblioteca 2.0 delicious social bookmarking […]

  10. […] are currently underway and will be completed in the next few months. However, interestingly I found a list of libraries using del.icio.us in the States in another great posting by ILibrarian on Library 2.0 subject guides. And many thanks […]

  11. […] Many other libraries use del.icio.us, but are using different interfaces.  Check out the long list here:  https://angelacw.wordpress.com/2007/06/04/delicious-libraries/ […]

  12. Wow, what a cool list. This is always gives me the feeling that the pace of technology change is increasing more and more rapidly, and that it’s going to be tough to envision how any organization is going to be using technology even a year from now.

  13. angelacw Says:

    Thank you for your comments Luke.

    I think libraries in general have always been quicker to explore how these technologies can be used to deliver content to their users.

    Social bookmarking relies heavily on human interaction (and intervention too). It always makes me wonder, “what will social bookmarking be like in the future?”

  14. […] kind you see on the IPL or LII, you can make recommendations through a library delicious account. Many libraries are already doing this. The thing is, you just need to keep up with it and make sure that people […]

  15. […] Put them in delicious You can also import this link list into a http://del.icio.us/ account for everyone to see. This way, you don’t need to copy and paste code for a webpage, you just import into delicious. Delicious is a social bookmarking site. Social bookmarking means that you can share the bookmark with multiple people. If you don’t have a delicious account, one is freely available by going to the website and clicking on get started. You can enter your information and once finished, click on import and it will import that same bookmarks.htm file into your delicious account. Voila! you now have all of your links online, categorized in your way, available for everyone to see, and now you can update it whenever you have a new bookmark. You can drag a button called Post to Delicious into your Internet Explorer browser. By clicking on this button, the webpage you are at is sent to your delicious account instead of into your local browser. For a list of libraries that use delicious, click here. […]

  16. […] for a free hour to do some quick-and-dirty cataloging!), I’m posting the link to this great list of libraries using del.icio.us.  Current as of Feb 7, 2008.  Not sure whether it will be […]

  17. […] A collection of links to libraries that use Delicious, including many university libraries, with additional links to resources and tools. […]

  18. Bryan Loar Says:

    Thanks for showcasing ArLiSNAP!

  19. Ray Cruitt Says:

    Great idea! I’m keeping up with this page. FYI, Enoch Pratt Free Library, Business, Science and Technology Department has a delicious account: you can check it out here —>


    All of Pratt’s departments have a del account, but I can only speak for mine…

    Take care,
    Ray Cruitt

  20. angelacw Says:

    Thanks Ray! Enoch Pratt is now on the list.

  21. angelacw Says:

    @Bryan: No problem. ArLiSNAP has some really great tags and links!

  22. […] del.icio.us libraries A partial listing of libraries using del.icio.us to share recommended websites. (tags: Web2.0 library2.0 education Del.icio.us) […]

  23. […] are libraries using del.icio.us? Have a look at this list of libraries using del.icio.us! Posted in Readings. Tags: del.icio.us, tagging, week 2. Create a free edublog to get your own […]

  24. […] libraries using delicious by mélange: Angela has added to her libraries using del.icio.us list; the list links to numerous library-created Del.icio.us accounts, thus, providing examples of ways […]

  25. Andrew Logan Says:

    Brimbank Libraries in Australia has recently launched a new web site and have incorporated all their info links into it with del.icio.us at http://www.brimbanklibraries.vic.gov.au/index.php?option=com_deliciouslinks&Itemid=77

  26. Dan Says:

    Took your advice and converted all of the links at http://hubbelllibrary.org/links.mgi into del.icio.us bookmarks. For now I’ve just embedded them back into the links page, so it looks basically the same, but now I can do more stuff with the bookmarks. The site is not an official one, but a support and advocacy site for the Hubbell Library, a branch of the New Orleans Public Library. Thanks for the very informative post!

  27. angelacw Says:

    Dan, I’m glad you found the post helpful. Great job on the delicious conversion!


  28. […] and searching for the tags: del.icio.us and bookmarking. I especially enjoyed reading the post in Melange by Angela named “del.icio.us libraries”. Check it […]

  29. […] A collection of links to libraries that use Delicious, including many university libraries, with additional links to resources and tools. […]

  30. CH Says:

    The library of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover (Germany) uses delicious for it’s online ressources.

    At delicious: http://delicious.com/network/BFHH
    Example “Mechanical engineering”: http://www.fh-hannover.de/bibl/fachinformationen/virtuelle-bibliothek/virtuelle-teilbliothek-maschinenbau/index.html
    Informations about delicious: http://www.fh-hannover.de/bibl/bub/service/delicious/index.html

  31. […] No blog Mélange, há uma lista enorme de bibliotecas públicas que utilizam o Delicious. […]

  32. […] Punkt: Die bei den Entdeckungsaufgaben erwähnten Kollektionen der libraries that del.ici.ous sind ein hervorragendes Beispiel dafür, wie die häufig an wenig prominenter Stelle vor sich […]

  33. […] del.icio.us libraries, da Angela C.W. […]

  34. […] sure to check out the libraries using del.icio.us list for great links and innovative […]

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  36. […] of the younger generation, but I believe these tools are useful to all library users.  In her blog mélange: angela’s musings on libraries, the web, and living with technology, Angela C-W lists several advantages for using social bookmarking tools (i.e. in this case […]

  37. […] of the younger generation, but I believe these tools are useful to all library users.  In her blog mélange: angela’s musings on libraries, the web, and living with technology, Angela C-W lists several advantages for using social bookmarking tools (i.e. in this case […]

  38. […] also has a blog post of libraries using delicious called del.icio.us libraries. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Blu-ray Discs sliding into public libraries […]

  39. […] bibliographies, papers and other resources among students as well. Introduce your students to libraries that use del.icio.us, and you can teach them how to use this tool as an information […]

  40. […] thing that would be neat to see, which I noticed was done by other libraries listed on a post by Angela on social bookmarking in libraries, is to integrate the delicious bookmarks right into subject guides. This way, patrons would see […]

  41. Jocelyn Says:

    We’ve just started using them at Strathcona County Library.

  42. […] Sharing and Discovery– In addition to the timesaving and convenience of an online bookmark manager, social bookmarking really shines when it comes to sharing and discovery. I refer to social bookmarking as bookmarking for the greater good.  I share, you discover. You share, I discover.  It can become a powerful research tool as you find new resources, popular resources, and people who may be interested in similar topics.  Click here to see a list of schools and libraries that use Delicious. […]

  43. […] is so seamless I can’t tell (which is entirely plausible).  I’ve been  using a very helpful blog post to help me find libraries using del.icio.us, and came across Chelmsford Public Library that uses […]

  44. […] Wal, A.C. (2007, June 4). Del.icio.us libraries – September 27, 2008. Message posted to https://angelacw.wordpress.com/2007/06/04/delicious-libraries/ […]

  45. […] do not use any tagging resource (7). Of course, these surveys are totally unscientific — this list of libraries using Delicious will give you more […]

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