links for 2007-06-12, WordPress goodies

June 12, 2007

  • Instructions for getting the “Oddiophile’s Rather Fab Technorati Tags Bookmarklet” to work in

    (tags: web2.0 tags Tagging wordpress)

  • Get your RSS feed icon here.

    (tags: RSS web2.0)

  • “Widgetbox is a directory and syndication platform for web widgets for blogs and other web pages. Our widgets work with TypePad, WordPress, Blogger, MySpace as well as most other blogs, sidebars or websites. No plug-ins are needed, and they’re free!”

    (tags: web2.0 widgets wordpress)

  • The home of WordPress widgets.

    (tags: web2.0 widgets wordpress)

  • Everything in the known universe about wordpress widgets.

    (tags: widgets wordpress)

  • “WordPress news you need to know.”

    (tags: web2.0 wordpress blogs)

  • WordPress FAQ on widgets.

    (tags: widgets wordpress)

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    One Response to “links for 2007-06-12, WordPress goodies”

    1. Wow! Multiple mentions! Thanks for the links and the recommendations.

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