converging social networks: Linkedin, Facebook and exploring Ning

June 27, 2007

I’ve been using Facebook and Linkedin for awhile now. I use Facebook to keep in touch with my friends and Linkedin for professional networking.  My Facebook page is a mixture of content — photos, web links, book lists, and groups.  Linkedin keeps me in touch with people in my professional network and their contacts. 

Social networks are starting to converge with business networks.   According to the “unofficial” Facebook blog, Linkedin recently opened up it’s platform to Facebook developers which will allow for integration between the two networks.    A social network within a social network!

There are many other social networks out there besides Facebook and Linkedin. 

I’ve been exploring Ning lately. Ning is a free site that allows you to create your own social network that you can customize and brand yourself.   It has all the features of a social network such as posts, photos, videos, and forums.

Ning is very easy to use. It’s gaining headway as a tool for creating enterprise social networks and as a collaboration tool.  You can also join existing Ning networks.  (There are numerous library-ish groups on Ning. A search for “library” returned 240 networks.)

I joined two networks on Ning: Library 2.0, a network for “library 2.0 stuff”, and Librarian Bloggers. Similar to other social networks, I also have my page on Ning where I can blog, post videos and photos, and add friends. I can also post to the discussion forum or join groups within the networks.

Ready to start Ninging? Head on over to the Ning Social Networks page.  

If convergence continues the way it is, both Linkedin and Ning content will soon be accessible through Facebook (or vice versa?)!



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