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July 1, 2007

I’ve devoted the past week to getting caught up in my readings and backlog of RSS feeds.

I’ve spent some time reading about the convergence and integration of social networks. I have profiles on Facebook, Linkedin, and Ning. I use each site for different purposes.  So how many social networks is too many?  Gina Bianchini touches on this topic in the Ning blog and the integration of Ning in Facebook.

My experimental Tumblr blog is growing. I’m using it to automatically post content from my and my Digg profile. I don’t do anything to this blog, other than continue bookmarking in and Digging news the way I’ve always done.

And speaking of bookmarking, I’m still working on updating my list of libraries. If you know of a library using to, please feel free to send it to me via the comment form on my last post about libraries. (Comments are moderated, so your submission won’t be posted unless you want it to be!)

Lastly, I’ve added my-Twitterings to the sidebar on this blog.   Now that I’m in the Twitter public timeline, I’m getting lots of new friend requests.  (Mostly the twitterites …. folks with thousand+ friends who list their goal as “to have the most Twitter friends”.)  More on Twitter in a future post …. Twittering is fun!

Oh, it’s July 1st … happy Canada Day!



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