do you Pownce?

July 19, 2007

Looking to do some microblogging or file sharing between friends? Take a look at Pownce.   

I got an invite thanks to Amanda.  Here’s what I like and dislike so far.


  • It’s easy to search for and find friends
  • you can organize friends into groups
  • you can share messages, events, links, and files (including music and photos!)
  • posts can be made public, sent to all friends or kept private between individuals
  • two RSS feeds for public notes: “Angela C. + friends” OR “only Angela C.”


  • lacks mobile integration and an open API (Facebook anyone?)
  • there are only 4 custom templates to choose from
  • 3 hour outage yesterday!

Looking for a Pownce invite?  

You can buy one on eBay or visit Mashable’s Pownce Invites post (click on the last page to add your request as a comment). 

Once you get on Pownce, you’ll have 6 more invites to share … and you can add me too. 

I’m on Pownce @


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