housekeeping…. cleaning up my sidebar

July 22, 2007

I spent a bit of time this weekend doing some housekeeping on this blog.  The sidebar was getting a bit too clutterered.  I’ve created two new pages to house those easy subscribe widgets and my virtual links.   

Subscribe tools contains all the widgets to bookmark and get to this blog easily.  

My virtual stuff houses the links to all my social network profiles, bookmarking tools, and my other web 2.0 sites. 

My redesigned sidebar is simpler. It brings the search box and my beloved tag cloud to the top. One simple click on a tag cloud word or phrase, and I can find all my blog posts by category.

You’ll also notice a “popular” posts lists.   Since you can get to previous posts from the tag cloud or ‘the vault’, I thought it would be more interesting to see which posts get the most traffic.

You can also get to my mélange tumblelog.   This is a microblog with links from my, news from my diggs, my favourite videos, and my-Tweets. Visit Tumblr to learn more about microblogs.

Notice the meebo widget at the very bottom of my blog? Click anywhere in the box to chat with me or send me a message when I’m not online.   You don’t need to install any software to use meebo.  Again, this is experimental. Another instant messaging tool I’m having fun with and possibly a future blog post topic.

I’d appreciate feedback on my blog.  

Click on the new contact me link or ‘meebo me’  😀


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