12 ways to use Facebook professionally

July 25, 2007

From Web Worker Daily, 12 ways to use Facebook professionally.

  1. Think of it like personalizing your desk.
  2. Look for old co-workers and current connections.
  3. Add friends selectively.
  4. Add apps selectively.
  5. Edit your news feed preferences.
  6. Edit your profile and security settings.
  7. Incorporate the tools you’re already using into your profile.
  8. Join Groups related to your business interests.
  9. Limit time wasted on Facebook.
  10. Be philanthropic.
  11. Ask Questions.
  12. Look for events.

I’m still having difficulty with #9.


2 Responses to “12 ways to use Facebook professionally”

  1. I’ve tried to stay away from Facebook for so long (considering all of the time I waste just on LinkedIn)… but I’ve finally succumbed. Wanting to see friends’ pictures what did me in… but I’ll have to work on #9 as well.

  2. angelacw Says:

    I love all the Facebook apps. My WordPress blog posts, Google Shared Reader items, and del.icio.us bookmarks import directly into my facebook.

    Of course, keeping things in perspective, a little facebook fun is cool too. After all, it’s the fun that keeps us hooked on it. 😀

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