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August 19, 2007

I’ve been spending some time making tweaks to this blog, my Tumblr, and experimenting with some new web tools.

I’m now using Feedburner for RSS feeds and for tracking blog stats. The old RSS feed works fine. The new feed gives me more insight on site visits and includes handy widgets for readers to email and bookmark posts. I’ve also added an RSS feed for blog comments.

I’ve been exploring vod:pod as a way to display some of my favourite videos. I love vod:pod because it lets you search for videos from YouTube, Google, Yahoo!, myspace and metacafe. Take a look at the vod:pod widget at the bottom of the page.

I’ve been spending more time on Twitter. Twitter is a microblog that lets you post messages via the Twitter site, Facebook, IM, SMS, Twitterific, or Twitbin. Facebook friends will see my Twitter updates feeding into my profile. To learn more about Twitter, read the “Newbie’s Guide to Twitter”.

My Tumblr blog, mélange tumblelog, got a big overhaul this week. Microblogs often don’t have comments or categories, as they are intended to be an easier and quicker way to blog. Coming from a world that likes to categorize things has made my Tumblr experience frustrating at times. So now I’ve added Google Custom Search and inline blog comments using LineBuzz. (I also joined the Yahoo! Group for Tumblr users and have made contact with other Tumblr bloggers — great to see blog readers from Taipei, Rome, and Slovenia!)

I am also experimenting with SuprGlu, a wiki (coming soon), and the new iTunes widget. (Anyone figured out how to add podcasts to the widget? Drop me a line please.)

Stay tuned!


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