delicious 2.0 preview

September 27, 2007

Delicious recently announced a redesign of it’s popular social bookmarking site.

Delicious has been listening to it’s users and it’s evident in the preview. Version 2.0 promises to take social bookmarking to the next level of search and discovery.

Here are some brief highlights and screenshots of new features.

  • A sleeker homepage displaying popular bookmarks “right now” and popular tags.

  • Expanded search which allows you to not only search your own bookmarks, but virtually any context in Delicious. Search a bundle, a tag, your Network, or another person’s bookmarks.

  • One of the things that has always bothered me about delicious is the lack of a user profile. Delicious 2.0 will allow you create a public profile with a display name.

  • A new tag bar which allows you to navigate bookmarks by using tags and tag combinations. Tags can also be sorted by most recent, by popularity and alphabetically. (Yes, finally tag sorting alphabetically!)

  • Bookmarks are easier to read, and you can change the display to either get more bookmark information or compact the display with a single click on the Tag Bar.

  • Sidebar which displays the top ten tags in your bookmark collection, bookmarks in a specific bundle and the ability to bundle your networks and subscriptions.

  • An action box that allows you to access commonly used tasks for a page. The action box includes a long awaited bulk editor that allows you to apply changes to a group of bookmarks all at once.

Delicious has certainly come a long way since version 0.0.


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