hello, Internet, I’m home!

October 30, 2007

A recent survey by Zogby International provides some revealing insights into Internet attitudes.

Nearly one in four Americans say the Internet can serve as a substitute for a significant other!

The survey also reveals:

  • More than half of Americans believe that Internet content such as video should be controlled in some way by the government.
  • More than one in four Americans has a social networking profile such as MySpace or Facebook.
  • More Democrats have a social networking presence than Republicans (32% to 22% ).
  • Most Americans don’t think the Internet has had an effect on their spirituality. Ten percent said it made them closer to God, while 6% percent said it made them more distant.

Read more about the survey, HELLO, INTERNET, I’M HOME!.


2 Responses to “hello, Internet, I’m home!”

  1. The spirituality aspect of this is interesting — in the sense that it surprises me that more people didn’t have a feeling of distance or closeness, one way or the other.

    In my opinion, technology is often a catalyst or an enabler, but very rarely a cause (i.e. people don’t suddenly work harder because they have a computer instead of a paper notebook). It would be interesting to compare that statistic to the amount of people who felt spiritually more or less distant in general (sans technology) and see if they matched up (while this would not prove anything really, it would be interesting to see if there’s a possible correlation).

  2. angelacw Says:

    A very good point Luke!

    Surprisingly, a closer look at the survey demographics shows that people didn’t have a feeling of distance or closeness regardless of geographic region or religious sect.

    Quite different when one looks at the correlation between income and “member of the NRA?”. In both cases, the numbers increase towards “closer to God”.

    Here’s the detailed demographic information:

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