the Internet vs print media

December 9, 2007

Is the paperless society here yet?

A recent presentation from the Pew Internet Project suggests that the “paperless society” is far out into the future. Both the convergence of display technologies and user behaviour have a huge impact on the future demand for print materials.

Of interest:

“People still go to libraries, and in fact library visits have been on the rise in recent
years. On a per capita basis, visits to public libraries rose by 25% from 1990 to
2003. Although libraries are increasingly digitizing information, the research
community, at least, likes to have hard copy and digital archives.”


One Response to “the Internet vs print media”

  1. aleeshka Says:

    reading something in print is such a different experience to me than reading something online. i would be sad if our society ever went totally paperless. 😦

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