the future of IT

December 15, 2007

What’s hot for 2008?

Based on a survey of top executives, CIO Insights highlights the top IT issues for the coming year.

Some of the most pressing IT issues and predictions for 2008:

  • Companies slip into slow-down mode.
  • IT focuses on e-service.
  • Preparing for M-commerce.
  • Process improvement will drive IT adoption.
  • The world get’s flatter.
  • No downturn for the CIO role.
  • The CIO role will become more demanding.
  • IT’s metamorphosis will continue.
  • IT grad shortage will change the face of IT.
  • IT outsiders provide inspiration.
  • Master data management expands.
  • Identity theft epidemic pressures IT.
  • Encryption becomes business as usual.
  • Virtualization becomes a foundation technology.
  • CIOs smooth out SOA’s rough patches.
  • IT green revolution expands.
  • The need for storage continues to climb.
  • Web video becomes business tool.
  • Open source grows among mid-markets.
  • Users check out Windows and Office alternatives.

View the survey slides here.


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