lists, rankings and more predictions

December 26, 2007

As 2007 draws to a close, my RSS newsreader is flooded with more top ranking lists and trend forecasts. Here are a few interesting ones.

Rankings and top lists

Top 5 Fails of 2007: AppleTV, GooglePhone (the one that never materialized), Facebook Ads, DRM-free music, and Tesla Roadster. The “Special Achievement Award” goes to Pownce. (Remember how Pownce was supposed to take over Twitter?)

The Report lists the most sought after out-of-print books in America. The lists include Madonna’s “Sex“, “I Do: Achieving Your Dream Wedding“, by Jessica Simpson, and ,”The Book of Bond; or, Every Man His Own 007” by Kingsley Amis. (There is definitely a theme emerging here.)

The Top 10 British Out of Print Books of 2007 also includes Madonna’s bestseller and the #1 sought after book in the UK, “The Forests of England” by Peter J. Neville Havins. (A book on the history of England’s timberland.)

AP Top Ten Stories of 2007 by U.S. editors and news directors in The Associated Press’ annual vote.

Fast Company The Bigs of the Blogs highlights the most popular places in the blogosphere, according to Technorati, as measured by the number of links to those blogs during the past six months.

Lifehacker has the top 10 new and improved apps for 2007 including a few surprises.

Nielsen’s top ten social networks has some surprising numbers and revelations.

Forecasts and predictions

Valleywag’s 25 predictions for 2008 offers some obvious and funny predictions. Check out #11: “Tumblr, the pared down blogging service, enjoys the popularity that 2007 brought Twitter.” I discovered Tumblr months ago. I’m predicting 2008 will be the year of tumblelogs.

Mashable’s 2008 Predictions: Mark’s List offers some social network, web application, video, media, audio predictions, and cool gadget trends. 

Web Worker Daily Six Tech Predictions includes brighter prospects for open source offerings and more musical chairs among social networks.


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