Time Magazine selects 50 best websites

January 2, 2008

Time Magazine has selected the 50 best websites of 2007.

This is an interesting list which excludes some of the obvious sites you might be thinking of right now. (No Facebook or del.icio.us, but both made the 25 sites we can’t live without list.)

Some of my favourites on the list which I started using in 2007 include: Twitter, Tumblr, Joost, and Odeo.

The 5 worst websites according to Time?

  1. eharmony.com
  2. evite.com
  3. meez.com
  4. MySpace.com
  5. SecondLife.com

Lots of sites worth visiting and bookmarking.


One Response to “Time Magazine selects 50 best websites”

  1. Miss White Says:

    There’s some really interesting points in those articles, thanks for the links!

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