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January 17, 2008


My OLA Super Conference badge arrived in the mail today. I’ve almost finalized my session choices.

Thinking of conference blogging? Tips for Conference Bloggers by Bruno Guissani and Ethan Zuckerman provides some useful tips on how to approach conference blogging including tools, preparation, linking, and software.

Looking to maximize your conference experience? Check out Stephen Abram’s Conference Tips. Stephen provides some useful tips on basic preparation, how to plan your sessions, dealing with exhibitors, and networking.

The Special Libraries Association also provides useful “tips from an experienced conference go-er” including:

  • Develop a game plan.
  • Use the online personal planner.
  • Try a daily planner.
  • Don’t sit in a program that’s not right for you.
  • Visit the exhibit hall at multiple times.
  • Attend the divisions/chapter open houses.
  • Bring a lot of business cards.

The most important tip? Remember that it’s impossible to “do it all”, so have fun!


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