Well, I’m a Tumblr too …..

January 26, 2008


Tumblr is my favourite microblogging site.

Why do I love Tumblr so much? Simplicity.

If you are looking for a fast way to share links, photos, audio, and videos without the hassles of a blog, Tumblr is for you. Tumblr is the brainchild of David Karp.

Want to learn more about Tumblr? Take a look at Todd Wickersty’s Tumblr 101. It’s a great primer for Tumblr newbies, and covers all the features and benefits of a tumblelog. Todd also has an interview with Marco Arment, Lead Developer of Tumblr.

The other great thing about Tumblr is the strong user community. Tumblr users love to share their hacks and interact with each other.

Thanks to all my fellow Tumblrs for sharing their knowledge and expertise. New hacks, news and tips have been added to my Tumblr resources article.


One Response to “Well, I’m a Tumblr too …..”

  1. Woeful Says:

    I like Tumblr too! It’s nice to have a digital scrapbook. The only thing that could make it better would be an option to interact with other Tumblrs (comments, IM, etc…)

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