Twitter tools courtesy of CommandN

February 4, 2008

CommandN is one of my favourite podcasts. Featuring Amber Mac, Will Pate, and Jeff MacArthur, it offers brief, weekly tech news and tips. The episodes are short (15 minutes or less), and websites mentioned can be found on the CommandN blog.

In episode #120, Will Pate talks about his favourite Twitter tools. Some of these are my faves too. If you are looking to maximize your tweeting experience, take a look at these tools:

  • Twitteriffic works on the Mac and allows you to send and receive status updates from your Mac.
  • Twitterlicious: The Windows version Twitteriffic.
  • Twitbin: A Firefox browser add-on that lets you view and send status update from within Firefox.
  • Flock: A social web browser with Twitter built right into browser.
  • Twitterholic: Search and find the top Twitter users. (Both Will and Amber made the Twitterholic list.)
  • Tweetmeme: Aggregates URL links that have been posted on Twitter.
  • Terraminds Twitter Search: Search for more Twitter users.
  • TwitterVision: Follow Twitter users on a map of the world. (Warning: this one is addictive.)
  • TwitterMail: Works with email to deliver and send Twitter status updates.

There is also mention of the Twitter Facebook App which allows you to post your tweets to Facebook.

You can subscribe to CommandN from the iTunes podcast store, or download it directly from the CommandN blog.


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