evaluate the quality of your website

February 27, 2008

Search Engine Journal provides a great list of the 50 questions to evaluate the quality of your website. If you are looking to revamp or refresh your website, this is a good starting point.

Questions cover the following areas:

  • accessibility
  • navigation
  • design
  • content
  • security
  • technical considerations
  • marketing considerations
  • legal stuff, re-assurance, legitimization


2 Responses to “evaluate the quality of your website”

  1. inknform Says:

    wow, what a great resource for checking out the validity of your site. I know my own site still needs tweeking but at least this will help me to look for things I would`ve otherwise missed.

  2. Mirza Says:

    alternative, http://www.websitegrader.com/ does a pretty good job of doing an evaluation for your site

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