delicious tools and tips

March 6, 2008

Some new tools and resources I’ve come across in the past week. Spy shows you bookmarks as they are added to, and allows for filtering by tag. You can save bookmarks “as they appear” to, Digg, or Redditt. Definitely worth looking at if you have a bit of time on your hands! Read more on ResearchBuzz. is a great way to share your “wishlist” items. As a user I quickly discovered the “wishlist” tag. is a fun way to distribute your list without distributing all your other bookmarks. Here’s my wishlist. Read more at Web Worker Daily.

Curious to know who’s been bookmarking your site on Visit , and type in the URL of your blog. The search provides a list of users who have bookmarked your site, including user note and tags associated with your URL. For my blog, the most common tags are: blogs librarians libraries tagging web2.0. Here’s a screenshot of my delicious libraries list. Thanks to Digital Inspirations for this tip.


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