mesh conference: awesome!

May 21, 2008

The mesh conference is awesome!

Sessions I attended today:

Keynotes with Ethan Kaplan and Michael Geist.

Video is Everywhere: Amber MacArthur with Dina Kaplan (blip.TV), Andre Gaulin (CTV), and Guinevere Orvis (CBC).

The New Front Page with Daniel Burka of Digg, Pema Hegan of GigPark and Candice Faktor of OurFaves in a discussion about how the Web is the new front page, moderated by Mathew Ingram.

Where’s the Business in Show Business – Music and the Web
musician David Usher, Kieran Roy and Graham Henderson of the Canadian Recording Industry Association, moderated by David Gratton of Project Opus.

Did I mention the awesome t-shirts?

Looking forward to day 2!


2 Responses to “mesh conference: awesome!”

  1. Dina Says:

    Great event for sure! So awesome to see so many smart, interesting and fascinating new media folks together in Toronto.

  2. Guinevere Says:

    Hey Angela, I’m glad you liked our session. If you see me at Mesh today, please say hi 🙂

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