learning Drupal

November 3, 2008

I’m excited about my upcoming volunteer opportunity for the Ontario Association of Library Technicians/ Association des bibliotechniciens de l’Ontario. I’ve served on the web committee for a number of years, and finally decided to do more by volunteering to do some web development.

As we add fresh content and build the member-only pages, this volunteer position will give me the opportunity to learn Drupal.

I know absolutely nothing about Drupal but I’ve been told it’s easy!  🙂

Got a link to a good Drupal help site or presentation to recommend? Send it along via the comment form or DM me on Twitter.

As I muddle my way through blocks and modules, I’d be grateful for any useful websites or links to presentations dedicated to Drupal applications for libraryland.


2 Responses to “learning Drupal”

  1. lmangold Says:

    Angela –
    Drupal is a lot of fun once you get the hang of things. Theres a couple good books out there. One word of caution: Take a look at what modules are available for what versions of Drupal. For example, if you want some extra ability, and theres a module that supports that extra ability, make sure it is available in the version of Drupal you install. Many things are not ready for Version 7 yet.


  2. angelacw Says:

    Thanks for the tip, Lee!

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