loving TweetDeck

April 11, 2009

I’ve been silent on this blog for a few weeks now. A look through my abandoned draft posts says it all, I live in the Internet NOW and Twitter is at the heart of it. I just discovered TweetDeck, and it’s nursing my Twitter addiction.

TweetDeck is this really nifty and free Adobe Air application that makes tweeting so much easier and faster.

TweetDeck has managed to do something other Twitter apps have not — integrate all the features of Twitter in one dashboard. TweetDeck’s simple design makes it easy to see tweets, replies, favourites and DMs in columns. You can also create groups and easily select followers to add to those groups. All my followers from libraryland are joined together in my “Librarian Group”. Same thing for my Tumblr followers.

TwitterSearch and Twitscoop are one-click away. You can also login to Facebook for status updates and use Twitpic to share photos. TweetDeck supports URL-shortening services such as TinyURL, tri.im, and Twurl.

TweetDeck is in beta, but overall it’s an awesome tool that works on Macs, Windows and Linux. Read more at the TweetDeck blog or get it now.

That’s all for now. Heading back to TweetDeck for my Twitter-fix ……


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