wither delicious?

December 17, 2010

By now, most Delicious users have read the bad news.

The social bookmarking tool most loved by libraries hangs on a thread.

I’ve exported all 1818 of my bookmarks into an HTML file.  I can import my bookmarks into Safari.  I can upload my HTML file to the cloud, and access it at any time.  I can share my links via Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.   I’ve cURLed by bookmarks into an XML file. So what have I lost? Anyone that’s used Delicious knows that Facebook and Twitter can’t replace it.  There is no substitute.

Yes, I’ve tried CiteULike, the now defunct Mag.noliaStumbleUpon, and Zotero. Somehow I always ended up back in Delicious.

Delicious brought social tagging and serendipitous search to the forefront of the web 2.0 movement. It’s the first tool most of us started using in our introduction to web 2.0 courses for a reason.  Remember the joy you felt when searching the collective knowledge of a particular tag, only to find something else, all the more exciting and worthwhile?  That’s gone folks.  Bye, bye Delicious. It was good while it lasted.


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