measuring broadband

November 14, 2007

The Pew Internet & American Life Project has released a new report on broadband usage in the U.S.

Some of the key findings include:

Half of all Americans now have broadband at home. This marks the first time that as many as 50% of respondents say they have high-speed internet connections.

Since broadband first became widely available in the late 1990s, adoption has hit the halfway point faster than most other information and communication technologies. It took 18 years for the personal computer to reach 50% of Americans, and only 10 years for broadband to reach 50% of adults in their homes.

The quick pace at which high-speed internet has found its way into Americans’ homes stands in sharp contrast to how statistical agencies have adapted to measuring broadband.

Pew/Internet’s Measuring Broadband report contains recommendations for policymakers on how to improve data collection.