tools of the trade

December 13, 2007

I’m a big fan of CommonCraft’s Paperworks videos.

The folks at CommonCraft produce amazing videos using “low-tech” tools.

It all started with RSS in Plain English. Anyone who uses RSS knows it is easy to love, but hard to explain. This video does a brilliant job of making RSS really simple.

Curious to see what tools are used in the making of these videos? (Well other than paper.) Take a look.

Blogs in Plain English

November 30, 2007

The folks at CommonCraft have a new video, Blogs in Plain English.

Watch the 3 minute video to discover why blogs are so popular and make sharing ideas on the web easy.

Wetpaint makes easy-to-use wikis and this video was made to answer the question “Why would you ever wiki?”

Another brilliant video from the folks at CommonCraft.

The OpenDocument landscape just a got a little bit more interesting this week.

Earlier this week Google Docs announced its new presentation product. CommonCraft produced a brilliant “Google Docs in Plain English” video to accompany the launch.

On the heals of Google Docs, Lotus released IBM Lotus Symphony suite of free software tools for creating and sharing documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Read the Buzz press release “IBM Releases Office Desktop Software at No Charge to Foster Collaboration and Innovationto learn more.

Software written using the OpenDocument standard can read and write Microsoft Office Suite documents. The universal file format of OpenDocument ensures “long-term access to data without legal or technical barriers”.

Google Docs in Plain English (2 min. 50 sec.) courtesy of CommonCraft.