Are you new to Facebook?  Looking to network with library technicians across Canada?

The Library Technicians in Canada group on Facebook provides a great opportunity to meet others and keep in touch. The group is open to all library technicians across Canada.  Recent graduates or soon to be graduates of a Library & Information Techniques Program are welcome to join.  The group has 460+ members and growing! When you join, be sure to introduce yourself on the wall.

The Blogging Section of the Special Libraries Asociation, Information Technology Division has a new presence on Facebook which uses the new Blog Networks feature.

Read more about it here and join here.

Libraries and Facebook

January 27, 2008

Libraries and Facebook is a recent study from the University of London’s Libraries and Social Software in Education Project (LASSIE).

The objectives of the study were:

· To investigate the value of Facebook as a professional networking tool for libraries and librarians
· To explore the availability and potential value of library related applications in Facebook
· To make tentative recommendations about how libraries could use Facebook

To-date, over 400 libraries have made use of Facebook pages compared to 65 a few months ago.

I am unfacebooking

January 18, 2008


I am unfacebooking.

Not that I won’t be on Facebook, just less 😉

There are too many other things I’d rather be doing with my time ….. listening to music, reading more books, taking more photos, and spending more time with my family.

I know I’ve made the right decision.

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Facebook Pages were launched on November 7th as “distinct, customized profiles designed for businesses, bands, celebrities and more to represent themselves on Facebook”. Facebook pages are similar to group pages, and include newsfeeds and the ability to add applications.

The great thing about Pages is that there’s a category for “Library / Public Building”. A number of libraries have already started creating their Facebook pages. Canadian libraries include:

Ryerson University Library

University of Windsor Leddy Library

McMaster University Mills Library

York University Peter F. Bronfman Business Library

Queen’s University Douglas Library

Brampton Library’s Anime-Manga Club

A group has also been created for Libraries using Facebook Pages.

As of today, there were 65 library pages. Expect this number to grow quickly, as more libraries add their presence to Facebook.