beyond Google

December 9, 2007

While Google may be the king of search, there are plethora of alternative search engines that you can add to your research repertoire. Web Worker Daily has a list of alternative search engines for custom search.

One of my favourites on the list is Clusty. Clusty is a metasearch site, that searches the top search engines and returns not only results, but a list of topics or “clusters” related to your search. I find this useful for for refining my search and finding relationships between my search terms.

Looking for more offbeat search engines? Take a look at eight great alternative search engines. The gem on this list is which searches over 10 million free and premium news and magazine articles. has six techniques to get more from the Web than Google will tell you, including tips for what’s trustworthy online. Things to consider include:

1. The URL domain.

2. Website audience size and reach.

3. Membership ranks.

4. Source materials.

5. Quality of links and listed resources.

What’s your favourite non-Google search engine?

Google made a lovely Facebook app which doesn’t work for me and a few other folks.
Google in Facebook