I blogged about my fave and must have iPhone and iPod Touch apps recently. What are Apple’s picks? Check out the new Rewind 2009 Apps page in iTunes. The page features Apple’s Best of 2009 games and apps, and top sellers too.

I’m also trying the WordPress app for the very first time. This is my first post from the app!

I’m an App-addict. There. I said it.

If you’re a new iPod Touch or iPhone owner, you probably spend a fair amount of time in the iTunes Apps Store. I do. I also read alot of reviews and blog posts. Web Worker Daily has a nice round-up of must-have iPhone and iPod Touch Apps for Newbies.

Here’s my must-have list of apps. All are free, and some are for Canadian users too. (Note, links open the app or web developer’s homepage, not the iTunes Apps Store.)

Echofon If you can tolerate the ad-banner at the top, I highly recommend the free version of this app for Twitter. Great for managing multiple Twitter accounts. Offers the ability to upload photos from your Photo Library and post your Profile location.

flickr An amazing app for flickr-addicts! You can search photos, view your photostream, sets, tags, favourites, and photos from your contacts. You can upload photos directly from your iPhone/iPod Touch photo library too.

Facebook Stay connected with all your Facebook friends.

iGO Union Stations Departure Board A must have for GO Transit commuters. The app could use with some enhancements — route schedules for given date/time and a system map. Overall, it does the job of keeping you up-to-date on track information and delays.

Linkedin This app offers most of the same functionality as the web version: see all network updates, Inbox, search, view connections, update your status, and send invites. Contact information for your connections can be added directly to your iPhone/iPod Touch address book.

NetNewsWire I’m hooked on this free RSS-app for Google Reader. You can download your feeds and read them offline.

Remote Nifty app from Apple that turns your iPhone/iPod Touch into a remote for controlling your iTunes music from your Mac or Apple TV.

SIRIUS I’m seriously loving this Internet-radio app. You’ll need a SIRIUS account, or you can sign-up for a free 14 day trial. I love the ‘favourites’ option that lets me bookmark my channels. It also offers the ability to buy songs via iTunes.

Shortcovers an online e-book reader from Chapters Indigo. Great Canadian content, but you need to be wifi-connected and online to read the content.

Stanza The original e-book reader that lets you access 50,000 free classics and books from Project Gutenburg. Download and read books offline. I’m currently reading “Howards End”.

Twitteriffic The original Twitter application that Mac users have come to love. It includes nearby location search and trending topics.

Tumblr If you’re a Tumblr user, you’ll want to give their app a try. Simple and easy to use, this app gives you the ability to access the dashboard, reblog and like posts, and post directly to your Tumblr. It includes a search feature tht lets you search the entire Tumblrverse, your dashboard and all your posts. Kudos to the Tumblr folks for a super-easy and fast app.

WeatherEye from the Weather Network. This app gives more details than the Weather app that comes standard on the iPhone/iPod Touch. Highly recommended for Canadian users who like to know their P.O.P. and wind readings.

Honourable mentions …

Alarm Clock If you forget yours the way I do, this alarm clock app will do the trick. Just be sure to keep it on and charged while using it.

Corus Radio Listen to radio stations that are part of the Corus Entertainment channel line-up. Stations can be sorted by name, city and nearest location.

TweetDeck If you like TweetDeck for the desktop, you’ll want to give this one a try. The limit on 4 tweets per column and no scroll feature puts this one at the bottom of my list.

Units An app for converting all kinds of measurements. Especially handy for Canadian who got stuck learning both Imperial and Metric, and forever get the two mixed up. (How many inches to a kilometre, you might ask? why 39370.0787402!)

Lastly, there’s the WordPress app. This is on my must-try list. Watch for a blog post using this one soon.

What’s your must-have iPhone/iPod Touch app?