Amongst my coworkers and friends, we often talk about knowledge sharing. Are we really putting into practice? Luke McDonnell over at Uncommon Knowledge points to 15 tips for knowledge sharing.

For me, knowledge sharing often leads to further learning for myself. Sharing ideas and best practices with a coworker or colleague about “how to do something”, often leads to my learning something too. What does knowledge sharing mean to you?

Web Worker Daily has 12 top, free ways to collaborate online. The list highlights some of the best online collaboration tools including: folders and file sharing, meetings and online schedulers, online storage and messaging.

KMWorld has just released the 100 companies that matter in knowledge managementWhile innovation, enterprise 2.0 initiative, and financial success are key factors, these companies lead the pact because of their KM attitude and “single-minded commitment to improvement”.

View the full list of companies here.


new blog alert: memetiks

February 6, 2008

I just came across a new blog on memes. Memetiks is authored by Lucas McDonnell.  

The blog aims to provide insight into “memes, knowledge management and how we learn, interact and innovate through exchanging information, with a particular focus on how information and knowledge transform as they move from person to person”.

Learn more about memes and memetics.