Pew Internet & American Life Project recently updated their three “thermometers” of access which shows “the disparities among various groups when it comes to internet access, cell phone use, and broadband access at home.”

key findings:

  • 73%* of the population reports using the internet or email.
  • 78%* of the population reports owning a cell phone.
  • 55%* of the population reports using a high-speed connection (e.g., DSL, cable, wireless) when accessing the internet from home.

The data also shows that “offline Americans are overwhelmingly over age 70, have less than a high school education, and speak a language other than English.”

You can download the presentation from Pew’s Presentations section.

libraries solve problems

April 7, 2008

Libraries Solve Problems is a presentation by Lee Rainie, Pew Internet & American Life Project, to the Sirsi-Dynix SuperConference and Computers in Libraries Conference. “The presentation provides an overview of recent data from the Pew Internet & American Life Project about internet use and Web 2.0 activities. It also focuses on the Project’s findings about the role of libraries when Americans are trying to solve problems.”  Worth reading.


a portrait of early adopters

February 22, 2008

The Pew Internet & American Life Project released A Portait of Early Adopters.

The survey asked long time internet users why they first went online. In the past it was Bulletin Boards, now it’s social networking. In the past users consumed materials from the web, today users are content-creators.

Some highlights:

Personal reasons drive Internet use:
50% of users first went online for “personal reasons”
31% said work was the cause
19% said school was the cause

Consumers have become creators:
Easier use of online tools and faster internet connections have made it possible for users to create and share photos, and create online content such as video and audio files.

A different sort of social technology:
Early internet adopters suggest they saw themselves as co-creators of the online environment.

View the full report here.