The folks at CommonCraft have done it again. Here’s a great video explaining podcasts.

going to podcamp Toronto

November 5, 2007

PodCamp Toronto Feb. 23-24 is FREE!

I’ve registered for PodCamp Toronto 2008I have no idea what to expect, as I’ve never attended a podcamp or recorded a podcast.

I do love listening to podcasts and carry 15 gigs worth on my iPod, so I thought it would be interesting to learn more about this medium from the production side.

From the looks of the 2007 schedule, there’s definitely a lot to learn about podcasting.

To learn more, visit the podcamp Toronto wiki, read the blog, or join the podcamp Toronto Google Group.

As a blogger, I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my blog and learn more. (I’m also an iTunes podcast junky.)

Blogger & Podcaster Magazine has some good resources to learn more about both topics.

The site offers tips, product reviews, and links for both the newbie or seasoned blogger/podcaster.

The site also has a frequently updated newsfeed and a “blogger and podcaster guide” organized by topic. (You can advertise your blog and podcast for free too.)

Read the entire issue online or listen to the podcast equivalent of each articles.

Blogger & Podcaster

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