I get really excited over free webinars, especially those from the MaintainIT Project.  Two seminars worth signing up for in November:

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Yesterday I reblogged the Pew Internet & American Life Project biggest technology predictions for 2008.

I came across the five fastest growing technologies from CIO Insight Editors today.

1. Viritualization (servers and storage)
2. Customer self-service techologies and applications
3. Open-source applications and systems
4. Collaboration software
5. Storage equipment

View the slides here.

Pew Internet & American Life Project has released their biggest technology predictions for 2008.

Here are the five key trends to watch:

1. Technology goes green

2. Evolution of the PC

3. Cell phone industry expansion

4. The web slows down

5. Social networks adapt

the future of IT

December 15, 2007

What’s hot for 2008?

Based on a survey of top executives, CIO Insights highlights the top IT issues for the coming year.

Some of the most pressing IT issues and predictions for 2008:

  • Companies slip into slow-down mode.
  • IT focuses on e-service.
  • Preparing for M-commerce.
  • Process improvement will drive IT adoption.
  • The world get’s flatter.
  • No downturn for the CIO role.
  • The CIO role will become more demanding.
  • IT’s metamorphosis will continue.
  • IT grad shortage will change the face of IT.
  • IT outsiders provide inspiration.
  • Master data management expands.
  • Identity theft epidemic pressures IT.
  • Encryption becomes business as usual.
  • Virtualization becomes a foundation technology.
  • CIOs smooth out SOA’s rough patches.
  • IT green revolution expands.
  • The need for storage continues to climb.
  • Web video becomes business tool.
  • Open source grows among mid-markets.
  • Users check out Windows and Office alternatives.

View the survey slides here.

6 tech predictions

December 13, 2007

Web Worker Daily has 6 tech predictions for 2008:

1. The Arrival of 802.11n Wireless Technology.

2. Look for Lower Entry Points in Computer Pricing.

3. Brighter Prospects for Open Source Offerings.

4. More Musical Chairs Among Social Networks.

5. Brand New Applications Based on Short-Range Wireless Improvements.