The Pew Internet American Life Project questions whether video gaming is becoming the next family bonding activity.

Studies by AOL Games and the Entertainment Software Association suggest there is a trend towards “intergenerational video game play”.

Pew Internet’s own survey from August 2006 suggests that “35% of adults report playing video games online, and that number becomes even greater when one includes adults who play console games.”

“These statistics indicates that the generation that grew up playing video games continues to play them well into adulthood. It also suggests that when adult gamers have children, they are not going to stop playing video games, rather, they will play video games with their kids.”

This is great news for the gaming industry who is catering to the “hard-core” gamers and their children.

“The creation of the Wii, a console that caters to a large range of video game playing skills, as well as the addition of Xbox live arcade, a service that allows people to download and play old school games like pac-man, shows that the gaming industry is turning its attention to courting many different generations of game players.”

Interesting indeed, as I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to find a Wii console for my family. So yes, video gaming is becoming the next family bonding activity!